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Ferriera Valsider spa

Ferriera Valsider today

Ferriera Valsider spa, part of Metallurgical Division of Metinvest Group, is an Italian steel industry founded in July 2001 that produce a wide range of quarto plates and hot rolled coils.

Together with Metinvest Trametal spa and Spartan UK Ltd it is part of Field Commercial Unit Europe of Metinvest Holding LLC.

Ferriera Valsider is located in Vallese di Oppeano, in the province of Verona, Italy, and its production capacities reach 400 ktonnes of plate and 600 ktonnes of HRC per year.

Being part of Metinvest’s vertically integrated group of companies, most Plates are rolled from slabs supplied by Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

The quality management system of Ferriera Valsider spa has been certified by DNV GL Business Assurance Italia S.r.l. as conform to standard ISO 9001:2015.

Being part of Metinvest Group, the market strategy of Ferriera Valsider  is focused on pursuing the same values and objectives of the Group such as:

  • Becoming a market leader in hot rolled steel plate and HRC market
  • Guarantee a superior product mix, including a significant share of value added plates and HRC
  • Being flexible and providing short production and delivery lead time
  • Establish and sustain a continuous improvement culture
  • Being a profitable company, innovative in service, competitive in the international market, working in total quality assurance and in the safeguard of environment

Our company guarantees the best performance in terms of product quality and customer service, considered as a common objective shared at all levels.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the care and attention to detail throughout the whole sales process and this allows us to ensure the highest standards of quality for all types of customers.

We believe that people are the foundation of our success and that’s why we aim to help them to develop their full potential by stimulating their enthusiasm and their professional growth.