Предприятия группы Метинвест

Ferriera Valsider spa

Production process

  • Slabs for plate and coil
    Slabs for plate and coil
    The raw material for both plate and coil rolling mills is obtained from continuous casting slabs with low to medium carbon content. Slabs are stored at the plant’s yard and, after being flame cut to required dimension, they are moved to the reheating furnace.
  • Plate rolling. Duo Standing Rolling Mill
    Plate rolling. Duo Standing Rolling Mill
    Work rolls dimension are 1100 mm in diameter and 3200 mm in table. The number of passes through the mill as long as plate thickness and other dimensions are controlled by automation system. The stand is used as rougher and finishing train.
  • Heat treatment
    Heat treatment
    For some part of plates (i.e. C45, S355 qualities) we perform an heat treatment in order to obtain the delivery condition requested by the customer. Distension (620° max) and normalization (910° max) can be executed in our heat treatment furnace.
  • Coil rolling. Duo Standing Rolling Mill
    Coil rolling. Duo Standing Rolling Mill
    Slab is cut in a transfer bar with thickness and length depending on quality and final weight of the product.
  • Coil. Tunnel furnace
    Coil. Tunnel furnace
    For coil production, the temperature of the transfer bar must reach the rolling value using a tunnel furnace with a roller transport equipment. Internal temperature can reach 1230°.
  • Steckel Mill (DANIELI)
    Steckel Mill (DANIELI)
    After coming out from tunnel furnace, coils are rolled in a steckel mill supplied by Danieli, with a roll force of 30000 kN. Thickness and tolerances are controlled during the whole rolling process by a RX device.
  • Down coiler
    Down coiler
    Downstream of the Steckel Mill, HRC are cooled through showers along the run-out table to give them proper mechanical characteristics.
  • Coil warehouse
    Coil warehouse
    Then products are rolled up and finally discharged with a walking beam system to put them into the warehouse ready for delivery.